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Reno Homes-Condos-New Homes For Sale Update 3/15

Ron’s update/rambling:

Market is white hot on all price points up to about 600,000. now, not sure how much the bubble will inflate this time but flippers/increasing prices should be OK until at least the end of the summer. Buy and Holder’s are still good to buy but return is much less now than my original buy signal in 2011. The herd is still loving real estate which is a little of a concern. Complacency, exuberance and over-hyping of jobs and businesses coming to town currently so be careful. …Read more » » »

Breaking News: Tesla coming to Reno…again, Reno Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla in Reno? Tesla Reno announcement;

Like electronic dance music repeating itself, there is yet another confirmation of the confirmation of the confirmation that Tesla is coming to Reno to build its Gigafactory. I am not sure where Elon Musk makes up these names but the name alone sounds exciting. Keep in mind this is not the first time politician’s, EDawner’s et al have tooted that horn so I am crossing my fingers Tesla coming to Reno happens.

OK, what will this do to real estate values; …Read more » » »

Incline Village homes for sale, sold in 2013, Crystal Bay homes for sale, sold in 2013

Enclosed is an update of Incline Village homes for sale, and Incline Village condos for sale. I have also enclosed updates for Crystal Bay homes and Crystal Bay condos for sale… …Read more » » »

Incline Village lakefront homes, condos – Incline Village lakefront for sale, sold

Enclosed is the 2013 Incline Village lakefront homes and Incline Village lakefront condos sales, and some information on Incline Village homes for sale on the lake, and condos for sale on the lake… …Read more » » »

Breaking News; ArrowCreek Golf Course Bankruptcy filed 1/21/14

I have not been one to spread rumors about the the ArrowCreek Bankrupt rumor that has been going around for a while now but unfortunately, it just came to fruition: …Read more » » »

Condo in Reno, Condo’s for sale in Reno, HOA’s in Reno, HOA lawsuits…

A question off the net for a Reno Condo on Talus Way:

200 Talus way .. Do you have a motivated seller
Yeah, so motivated they put it in escrow months ago. …Read more » » »

Reno homes for sale; a vanishing act? Reno foreclosures, Reno REOs ticking up, High Reno BPOs, Caution, flash bubble! Lions Tigers and Bears (and Bulls), Oh my!

My assistant and I spent most of the day working on excel and crunching data sets to see if we can get a handle on this “flash bubble” which in some cases properties doubled in get this; 6 weeks last spring. After all, I am buying two homes and a rental myself right now, one of them a new home in Reno so I have to know these numbers well. As you may recall, I started warning people in 2004 to cool it: …Read more » » »

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

  • Just answered the question – "Confused about a foreclosure home that is a pre foreclosure according to RealtyTrac?" #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

  • Just answered the question – "What area is the safest in Reno? I'm very concern about safety and crime. Thanks." #

Reno Real Estate market, Reno Homes for Sale, Complete melt up of prices, record appreciation in Reno Homes for sale, Flipper’s crushing it!

Here is a copy of my take on the Reno Real Estate market, Reno Homes for Sale, this is a letter that I sent to my Reno Real Estate Investor’s:

Anyone who has been an active member knew by November and cemented in at our panel meeting the effects Nevada Assembly Bill 284 was going to bring to the market; decreased inventory/higher prices. We have seen YTD exactly that. Many member’s who took advantage of this and “went all in” have had/having incredible returns. It is my goal to keep all of you at least 6-12 months ahead of the market/herd.

I have been through the dot com real estate boom in Tahoe and of course the 2003 to 2008 bull run in Reno and I have never seen such huge profits in such a short amount of time YTD in Reno area! …Read more » » »