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Question about a Reno Condo at Idlewild, Construction defects in Reno, Reno HOA,s, Homeowner Associations in Reno

A reader asks about Idlewild Condo lawsuits, assessments etc. and gets an earfull by yours truly:

Good question, without researching, I would suggest ordering a property profile and talking to some homeowner’s, google the HOA, the address of the complex and put it on google alerts.

Many of these projects and unsuspecting homeowner’s got sucked into Reno construction defect scams which can sometimes be blown out of proportion which could acually create a buying opportunity if you know that it may be unwarranted as it cascades prices.

If you have an actual unit number, myself or any Reno Realtor-Reno Real Estate Agent can get you the actual assessment, any other items as well.

There is an old saying however; “there are only two kinds of HOA’s; ones that are in lawsuits and ones that are going to be in lawsuits”.

Lawsuits are just a by product of bickering retiree’s living in Reno HOA’s, many from California and Reno Attorney’s that send letters out soliciting lawsuits to uneducated homeowner’s. Get used to it if you plan on going the HOA route, many people are fine with ongoing lawsuits, high expenses etc. You can read a blog I did a few years ago of the Arrowcreek HOA settlement. Fleur De Lis lawsuits and Fallen Leaf lawsuits get a shout out as well with the link below.

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