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Memorial Day Reflection, Military Ford Video, Burning Man Temple, Definition of Memorial Day

I remember first hand my own experience with a fallen Marine that I will never forget. We had a photo shoot for Christmas and a wonderful proud military Family had arrived with their Father in a full blown Marine outfit like you would see at a Toys for Tot’s drive or perhaps a funeral. They had arrived a little before their appointment so we had agreed to let them go before us knowing that this proud Father was shipping out the next day.

It was great watching the photo session and seeing the sense of pride this young soldier had for his Family and Country. Every picture could have been a poster as the young boy who resembled his Father looked up to his Dad, the Daughter and Mother dressed in beautiful holiday clothes with sparkling blue eyes and shiny blond hair radiating in the studio lights. I couldn’t help but feel proud but at the same time concerned for this young Soldier going to war. I also felt a little guilty as I had squeaked between the wars myself.

So, about a week or so later, I received a call that the pictures were ready. I headed right down so I could get them out to friends and family. Ironically, the Mother arrived at about the same time to pick up their photos with her kids in tow. They were all still just cute as could be and a perfect family unfortunately sans their father this time.

This is where it gets a little difficult to finish so excuse me while I compose myself. OK, I’m back, I had offered for her to go first but she denied the offer. I went ahead of her and paid and immediately started looking at our photos as I was leaving. Just as I was opening the door to leave, I heard a terrible sound as she repeated over and over again “no, no, no”. I had immediately known what had happened. I went back into the studio and gave her a hug and could feel the warmth of her tears soaking my shoulder. All I could say was I was sorry and I was at a total loss for words.

Then the most amazing thing happened; the studio continued to fill with customers as it was their busy time of year and everyone hugged her and thanked her and her husband for making the ultimate sacrifice. She opened up the pictures and gave us all one and she reflected on her families life and how she had met him in high school and it was the only love she had ever had, it was genuine, sad and an emotional outlet for her to share with us. Time seemed to stand still that moment and I still to this day wonder whatever happened to that family. Today, my thoughts are on that family and the families of all fallen soldiers and the ones fighting for our country to this day. Please allow the time to thank the families and the soldiers themselves. I have enclosed a military video that Ford made and a Wikipedia definition of Memorial Day for you to reflect on.

Ford video:

Another blog I did on a fallen soldier’s ashes at Burning Man Temple:

Memorial Day definition:

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  1. Ron,

    I think I must have seen this video before, but it still left me choked up.



  2. Your personal category on your site brings joy, sadness and happiness to my heart. Sometimes all at the same time.

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