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Burning Man Tickets to be increased? 2012 Burning Man Tickets, BLM increases permit size to 60,000. in 2012 than 70,000.

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In a good news bad news; Burning Man did get their increase to 70,000. participants and hopefully 70,000. tickets in the future and 60,000. participants and hopefully 60,000. tickets for this year (2012). The bad news is if they go over this year, they only have a one year conditional permit and the biggest outdoor festival which brings millions into Reno from the Hipster’s and Techie millionaire’s and Billionaire’s from California could come to a halt.

Here is an excerpt from BLM’s permit for 2012:
Dear Interested Public:
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Winnemucca District (WD), Black Rock Field Office (BRFO) has completed the Burning Man 2012-2016 Special Recreation Permit (SRP) Environmental Assessment (EA), DOI-BLM-NV-W030-2012-0007-EA. The EA analyzed the impacts associated with Black Rock City LLC’s (BRC) proposal for the 2012-2016 permit/events which included a participant population level from 58,000 to 70,000 people during the 5-year period. The comprehensive NEPA analysis of the proposed action provided for public participation through a public scoping period, scoping meetings and a 30 day review of the Preliminary EA. This disclosure occurred with local Tribes, interested publics and stakeholders.

The proposed action and all recommended mitigation measures have been selected for implementation, subject to the following conditions:

1) The SRP for the 2012 event may only be for a one-year permit, rather than a five-year permit as proposed. Should BRC comply with the terms and conditions of their 2012 permit, issuance of a multi-year permit for 2013-2016 may be considered.

2) The SRP for any year is subject to cancellation or modification during the permit period based upon performance of the permittee, changes in law, regulation or policy, changes in resource conditions, or upon newly available information.

3) Authorization for any event during the 2012-2016 period is subject to a separate SRP decision. Prior to issuance of any year’s SRP decision, a detailed review and evaluation of the previous year’s event will be conducted; as necessary, the special stipulations will be modified (and evaluated under NEPA) to address issues and concerns raised during the previous event or otherwise identified for the applicable year’s event. Additionally, each year’s SRP decision and/or the special stipulations attached thereto will specify the maximum population allowed for that year’s event. The maximum population authorized in any year may not exceed 70,000 participants, as that term is defined in the EA unless the requisite additional NEPA analysis is completed.

In 2012, BRC is required to keep the maximum population from exceeding 60,900 people at any point in time during the event. BLM is also requiring BRC to comply with 13 permit conditions and 50 stipulations. Stipulations relate to matters such as event set-up, signing, security, public safety, resource management, debris removal, fee calculation and payment, and event take-down and clean-up. These stipulations are attached to and made part of the EA decision record and special recreation permit.

The operations associated with the event occupy about 4,400 acres of public land for a seven week period starting with fencing the site perimeter the second week of August and concluding in late September with the final site cleanup. The major activities are confined to several weeks in late August and early September associated with final setup, the actual event, and the initial phases of cleanup. During this period, Black Rock City becomes one of the largest cities in Nevada.

As in past years, during the event and in the period immediately before and after it, public use closures to protect the environment, assure public safety, address the concerns of adjacent communities, and facilitate administration of the event, will be implemented. Access to the playa by the general public will remain readily available, even when closures are in effect, and solitude will continue to be available in the vastness of the Black Rock NCA, including much of the playa. Public closures include restrictions on use of firearms, fireworks, camping and vehicle travel, aircraft landing, and all public uses in areas within and immediately adjacent to the permit area.

Copies of the Final EA, Finding of No Significant Impact, Decision Record, SRP Decision and related documents are available for viewing and upon request from the BLM Winnemucca District Office, 5100 East Winnemucca Boulevard, Winnemucca, Nevada 89445-2921, during regular business hours 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for federal holidays, and posted online at

For more information, please contact Cory Roegner, BLM Black Rock Field Office, at (775) 623-1500.

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