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Somersett homes for sale, Somersett golf course, AB284, Reno home values, a reader asks;

How have Somersett homes held value compare to other golf courses in Reno?

Oh I don’t know…off the top of my head; how about a whopping 50% correction or so since the top. With that said, it seems to have stabilized/trending up (for the time being) as we are in a mini bubble with extremely low inventory levels/extreme seller’s market. There are other golf course communities that are closer to 70% correction so Somersett did fair (in the correction).

If nevada keeps ab284 in place which has benched most foreclosures, look for decreasing inventory/increasing prices. If golf courses become popular again, that will be a plus as well.

However; if they make most foreclosures legal again (30,000 expected to hit next year in NV from the swollen/expanding pipeline of foreclosures) and golf continues to be less desirable of a sport/affordable I would be nervous about golf course communities in Nevada. The days of adding golf courses, grassy parkways in the desert and roundabouts to sell real estate may be behind us for the time being.

With all this said; if you are thinking of buying you better get on this crazy bus it is going off up here and it appears to be a good investment (for the time being).

If I confused you enough…read my number one real estate blog link here about ab284/market; or view my 1.25 million viewer viral you tube channel to ponticate on this tip of the iceberg I mention above.

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