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Condo in Reno, Condo’s for sale in Reno, HOA’s in Reno, HOA lawsuits…

A question off the net for a Reno Condo on Talus Way:

200 Talus way .. Do you have a motivated seller
Yeah, so motivated they put it in escrow months ago. In this brutal seller’s Reno homes market, it is a challenge to find a “motivated seller” with these skyrocketing prices/flash bubble.

You need to use a site like mine (link) enclosed that will tell you if it is active, active pending or active pending short sale, sold etc. Most sites on the net do not tell you that.

This particular Reno Condo complex is Kiddie Condo alley and rich Californians as well as local speculator’s not only buy these for their offspring to attend college/Token Nevada address but they also speculate on Reno rentals/flip in there. Rents in Reno are dropping and HOA’s tend to be a cesspool of lawsuits, bickering and discontent so Caveat Emptor in your calcs/diligence.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, you want to know what is really going on between the lines for Reno real estate, homes, condos for sale, feel free to contact me or read my blog/you tube channel. Here is my latest panel meeting discussing the market on my 1.3 million viewed you tube channel:

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