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Incline Village homes for sale, sold in 2013, Crystal Bay homes for sale, sold in 2013

Enclosed is an update of Incline Village homes for sale, and Incline Village condos for sale. I have also enclosed updates for Crystal Bay homes and Crystal Bay condos for sale…

• Incline Village and Crystal Bay homes for sale have increased in the past couple years
• Properties for sale have declined to its lowest level in 8 years
• Since January 2012, supply and demand has resulted in higher priced homes
• Since two years ago, there is a 44% decline of number of listed homes
o SInce 2012, there has been a decline of eighteen percent
• Incline Village and Crystal Bay property sales reached 458 during 2013
• Current inventory is at a 4.69 months supply
o In comparison, during the recession the inventory fluctuated between 24 months and 36 months
• Prices of homes are still well below the peak reached in 2007-2008
• There is virtually nowhere left in Incline Village and Crystal Bay to build a new housing development
• Single-family homes have seen a price appreciation at a higher rate than other types of properties
• The increase in demand coupled with the decrease in supply is good for the overall market in this area
• With lack of snow during the 2013-2014 season, there are more buyers viewing properties due to great weather
• Usually, the ski industry and tourism that the Incline Village and Crystal Bay area brings is the primary driver of local economy during the ski season
o Due to lack of snow there is a significant reduction in the amount of slope activities
o Contractors have the opportunity to continue to working outdoors with this unseasonably nice weather

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