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Breaking News: Tesla coming to Reno…again, Reno Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla in Reno? Tesla Reno announcement;

Like electronic dance music repeating itself, there is yet another confirmation of the confirmation of the confirmation that Tesla is coming to Reno to build its Gigafactory. I am not sure where Elon Musk makes up these names but the name alone sounds exciting. Keep in mind this is not the first time politician’s, EDawner’s et al have tooted that horn so I am crossing my fingers Tesla coming to Reno happens.

OK, what will this do to real estate values; hmm, the Apple hype ended up in a few security guards and a few nerdy server techs for their now hacker vulnerable “cloud servers”. This should help somewhat in giving us some more blue collar jobs and a few white collar jobs so look to Fernley and Sparks Homes-Spanish Springs Homes to be the main benefactors. My biggest buzzkill to all the Reno Rebirther’s is they are basing their numbers on what Tesla pays in the BAY AREA not here. Keep in mind they are coming here to save money not spend money and I think like Amazon, they will pay scale wages. At the end of the day, they are making batteries and not cars. My own personal experience with the Tesla motor and batteries in my car is that I need to keep a second car for any trip over 100 miles (level) and electric cars may not be for everybody but I personally love being able to blow away Doctor’s and Attorney’s off the line with their Beamer’s et al status cars they drive.

I am so happy we have similar to the final final final farewell Rolling Stones Concert we have a confirmation of the confirmation of the confirmation of the definate maybe the Elon show is coming to Town.

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